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Jevin is a sports management company that offers you a back office solution to help run and organize your league. We offer a one-stop web-based software system that can do  online registrations, rosters, schedules, emails, results, standing, reports and more. Our system is completely integrated so you don't need 2 or more programs to do the job anymore!


Frequently Asked Questions

What else can you tell me about Jevin?

A: Jevin is a completely integrated sports management system that helps board members and volunteers do their jobs in less time. Jevin has been in business for over 15 years and has developed the most comprehensive system on the market today by listening to our customer's needs.  Everyone in youth sports could use the Jevin system to help organize their leagues, coaches, board members and keep players and parents up to date on games, practices or events.

We are currently using excel spreadsheets, and how easy is it to upgrade to your system?

Upgrading to the Jevin is easy. We will take what you have been doing, like registration forms and files and set up your registration, start your database, train you and give you support along the way. We have been in business since January 2000 and have provided leagues with support year after year, board after board.

We are currently using a homemade system and the guy that designed it is leaving the league, we are looking for something new so after we leave the next board has everything in place?

I use the same as above....this is just another way they format their question.

What are the cost of Jevin?

The Jevin fee is on a sliding scale based on the number of players, and the average registration cost for your leagues. You don't pay any upfront cost for the Jevin system and training/support are part of the fees. Contact Jevin to get specific pricing for your organization.

Why are you better than the other software companies?

The bottom line is that we not only understand your ‘business’ but we are here to support you...not to sell you something and walk away. We offer about 90-95% of everything you need to run your organization in one software program. We offer support hours from 7am to 11pm cst 7 days a week and we are there for you when you exit the board and the new board members need to get up to speed. We train in segments so your entire board doesn't have to sit in on registration or scheduling unless they want to.

How long does it take to get setup?

Once we agree that Jevin is right for your organization we will have you up and running within 24-48 hours after we receive your information.

What kind of support/training do you offer?

Our support hours are 7am to 11pm cst, 7 days a week. Training is done by segments we will work with your registrar for registration, scheduler for scheduling, Treasurer for reports, Player agent for rosters and your volunteer coordinator for the volunteer section. These sessions are usually 15-30 minutes and scheduling can go for 60 minutes. We will do the same thing the next year for current people or new boards members.


Jevin's event management system starts long before your registration opens and doesn't stop after your participants are registered.


Learn how Jevin can help your organization….

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Online Registration


At Jevin, we understand that there is much more to managing a league or recreation class than simply registration. Jevin provides all of the tools and services necessary to register your participants and schedule games, facilities, and officials.


Jevin also allows you to communicate effectively with your volunteers and participants and automates many labor intensive administrative functions.


Scheduling Software


Don't settle for less than a comprehensive system to manage your sports/recreation organization. Contact Jevin sales today to see the power the Jevin tools can bring to your team.


Our software makes your life easy as a Player, Coach, Team Parent, Volunteer, Referee, Board Member, Organization Administrator, Scheduler, or Treasurer.


League Scheduling


Jevin is a full solution for you organizations: Registration, Scheduling, Roster management, Reporting, Integrated Communication, Immediate standings and results, Official Assignment and of course Tournaments.


Web Site Hosting with Your Own Email Addresses


Jevin goes beyond what the average web hosting company offers by proving specific integration between your web pages and your database. This makes it very easy to create a visually appealing web site. Jevin also provides you with web widgets that help give your web site that 'something extra'. You also get your own set of email addresses so the board members do not have to use their personal accounts to communicate.










Don’t take our word for it, look at what our current youth sports affiliated customers are saying:


“I don’t know why everyone wouldn’t want to use Jevin.”

- Baseball President in Tennessee


“Love the Residency Map!!!! We have to literally put dots on a real map of our boundary area, showing where the All Star players live.  This is going to make it soooooo easy.”

- Baseball League President in Texas


“Jevin decreased the manpower of our volunteers immensely.“  

- Baseball League President in South Dakota.


As with most leagues, there is a significant amount of burden placed on our team managers and coaches.  The Jevin Software System helped us help our coaches.  Jevin allowed us to quickly organize our teams, provide the coaches with one click team communication, and assist with game management (especially with tracking and communicating pitch counts).


- s.flood


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